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“As the horsepower in modern automobiles steadily rises, the congestion of traffic steadily lowers the average possible speed of your car. This is known as Progress.”

Sydney J. Harris

Passenger car
Passenger car

Optimally insured for your new car? That's possible with KBC car insurance. As a KBC insurance agent, we fully organize your insurance policies. That way you can get on the road carefree.

1. Basic: third-party liability insurance

If you have a car, you are required by law to take out third-party liability insurance. This insurance will cover any damage you cause to others with your car, but not the damage to your own car.

The third-party liability insurance is valid in Belgium and all countries not crossed out on your international motor vehicle insurance certificate (the ‘green card’ that you must have in your vehicle at all times).

2. Extra protection with the semi comprehensive and comprehensive car insurance

Buying a new or used car can be quite an investment, and you naturally want to be properly covered against loss or damage in the event of an accident, theft or vandalism. Comprehensive insurance covers loss or damage to your own car, even if you caused it yourself.

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Lichte Vracht
Light goods vehicle - Van

Accidents can happen fast. Hit the road worry free with our insurance for light goods vehicles. Put together your own package: from compulsory third-party liability insurance to assistance insurance and road traffic accident insurance for drivers.

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If you ride on a public highway with a motorcycle, by law, you have to have third-party insurance.

This compulsory insurance policy for your motorcycle covers harm you cause to others if you cause an accident, such as personal injury and damage to other vehicles or buildings.

If you also want compensation if your motorcycle's damaged or you yourself are injured, you have to take out additional insurance.

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Electric Bike
Your bike

A new bicycle is a major investment, so it’s probably something you can’t do without. It would therefore be wise to take out proper insurance. It’s when you’re out using your bicycle that KBC Bicycle Insurance really pays off.

Some examples
You damage your bicycle and saddle bag in a fall. Then this insurance covers the damage both to your bicycle and saddle bag.

Your bicycle is stolen while you’re on holiday. Then our Bicycle Insurance provides compensation for the stolen bicycle, anywhere around the world.

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