Make a car accident or home damage claim with us at any time how it suits you best.

General telephone number (24/24h , 7/7d): +32 16 24 24 24
Hospitalization declaration: 0800 90 068

Report an accident or damage to us

1. Use our free KBC Mobile and KBC Touch apps
Log in to KBC Mobile or KBC Touch and (after opening the 'More' menu in our Mobile app) select whether your claim relates to your 'Home', 'Family' or 'Vehicle'. Then select the insurance under which you want to claim.

Alternatively, go to More > Communication > Insurance claims in our Mobile app, or to Contact in Touch.

2. Contact your insurance agent

Your KBC insurance agent will be happy to help you open a claim and guide you through the steps for having it settled.

3. Call us 24/7 on +32 16 24 24 24

If you can’t reach your KBC insurance agent or if you need immediate and urgent assistance with a claim, you can contact our call centre 24/7.
0800 964 64 (free number)

+32 16 24 24 24 (abroad)